(Tu.3) Bistecca alla Fiorentina – the best Grilled steak one can get.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina – the best Grilled steak one can get.

What does it take to get the very best grilled steak possible? First of all one have to be in the area around Florence. Then you have to be on the right restaurant Badiadi Moscheta and they have to have the very best quality of meat from local cattle named Chianina. Then the meat has to be treated with care and patience and for that one needs engaged and skilled Italians, a committed Italian on the grill and some nice Italian girls to serve it.

You will find it all on Moscheta, the restaurant next to the old Abby, 4 kilometers from Refredo.

Well you need a little money too, but that is the easy part.

When it comes to food, there will be no other country in the world, where the people, and that means all of theme, are so engaged, committed and knowledgeable. Italians may not care a lot about politics, taxes, the legal system, but when it comes to the local cuisine, quality of ingredients, details in the recipes they are all experts and love to share their engagement with everybody.

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