(Li.7)A large plot of land in the countryside, but close to the sea

In this Ligurien province Imperia is the center city and a very nice one

Imperia has everything and a lot of history

The big harbor has all kind of activities – restaurants, fishermen and a lot of Italians

The project has a long history going back more than 14 years – this construction made in 2005

The plot is big, has the most beautiful sea view and one can reach the center of Imperia in 15 minutes

This is county site area and to get a building permission is not easy at all

This showing a plan drawing of what is now possible to build

Red lines showing the plot

Animation showing the existing construction

Showing an approved indoor design solution

Plan drawing showing the wanted ground floor indoor design

Showing the first floor indoor design

Plan drawing showing first floor indoor design

Showing the upper floor

Plan drawing showing the upper floor

Sea view from the terrace

The kitchen seen from North West

Kitchen seen from South East

Another kitchen look

The sitting room

Ground floor sitting room

Seaview from the upper floor

Cross section from east

House in Italy - snit fra vest

Cross section from West

Living area225 m2
Land5.300 m2
Terrace 50 m2
Property and Project Price €200.000
Est. construction price€350.000

Making constructions in Italy – be patient – everything takes time

Project status: All applications now approved.  


This building site was bought by a Danish family in the summer of 2016 and is still a building site, even a very attractive one, now 28 months later. A plot of more than 5000 m2 with outstanding sea views and with only 15 minutes to the center of the province capital Imperia. And, incidentally, with an already started construction and therefore also had a building permit from 2005.
But – and there will often be a “but”, when it comes to Italian projects. The project is located in a rural area, and it makes a generally complicated and time-consuming building law even more complicated and slow. Italian authorities do care about Italy – a lot and there are no shortcuts but a variety and ingenuity in the number of laws and restrictions that change abundantly from year to year, from region to region, from municipality to municipality.
There are 4 main perspectives in Italian building law. How does the house look, how big may it be and then the Italian earthquakes and finally local building traditions.

The moment you get a building permit, it is valid for 3 years, but can be extended in another 2 and is valid regardless of whether or not rules change along the way.

The building permit from 2005 was in principle expired in 2010, but the changes in the period 2005 to 2016 did not conflict with the original permit and therefore it was possible to revive the original license. In the new project, some minor changes should be made, and then you should first revive the old license and then apply for changes to the approved project. It is typically Italian – there is always some solution, but it is always complicated and always slow.

Now 28 months later all necessary permits are available. Italian earthquake in 2016 destroyed new houses that were built according to current rules and immediately meant setting up of commissions that would revise the current rules and a significantly extended processing time in the Commission for Statics.

Welcome to Italy, there is always a “but”.

The plot was put up for sale for 200,000 € – but all prices in Italy are for negotiation.

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(Li.7)A large plot of land in the countryside, but close to the sea

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(Li.7)A large plot of land in the countryside, but close to the sea 43.897893, 8.009491 Tovo Faraldi, Imperia, Italy (Directions)