(Tu.2) Large three-storeyed House in Tuscany

Project presentation This tree-storey building is a great opportunity for a lot of space, a big Italian kitchen, wine cellar, great views and nice outdoor sitting areas. This project also offers an extraordinary possibility to…

Living area212 m2
Land447 m2
Terrace 60 m2
Property and Project Price €130.000
Est. construction price€329.000

Project presentation

This tree-storey building is a great opportunity for a lot of space, a big Italian kitchen, wine cellar, great views and nice outdoor sitting areas.

This project also offers an extraordinary possibility to be close to Italian history and take part in the important work of preserving the country’s historical heritage.

For many people a house in Italy is a house in Tuscany. This will be people, who love the Tuscany landscape, the food and the countless remains from medieval times and the time of the Renaissance dominated by Florence and the powerful Medici family.

In case you are one of those people, our project in the village Rifredo less than 40 km north of Florence could be interesting. It is an old farm divided into 4 different properties. The four houses also share ownership of a little Chapel. The farm, still named “The Albergo”, goes back at least 500 years. At that time, this was the place where poor people anonymously could leave their newborn babies. They were then taken to one of the most famous, historic, architectural buildings in Florence, “Ospedale degli Innocenti”. Here the boys would receive a full school education and the girls would learn skills that would help them in life or become nuns

Present legal status

This building is a historical building. It is an important part of the historical heritage for the local authorities, but also for people in the area. Everybody would like to see the buildings to be reconstructed, but with care. We have already worked on these projects with local authorities and experts for more than 3 years to be able to include a pre-approved Building Permission in the project.

The building regulations and laws in Italy are very, very complicated and too often immensely hard, if not impossible, to deal with for foreigners. Our most important mission is to minimize all thinkable problems, before we offer our projects for sale. Too many foreigners buy a house in Italy, only to have to resell the house –often with an economic loss, and months or even years of unpredictable negotiations with local authorities and commissions.

Condition of the building

With our project plans, we only leave room for the pleasant surprises, as we have already addressed all renovation necessary. Many people buying an old house in Italy will be surprised when realizing that the house, they bought on a beautiful sunny day, is of very poor constructions. The interior design, made for another purpose than having a nice holyday, may need a total reconstruction. With this house, you will know the plans ahead. Therefore, the demolition, renovation and reconstruction will not be a surprise. In return, you get the house you want with a functional interior design, good quality in constructions and installations without missing the genuine Italian atmosphere.

Village house or country house?

It is normally cheaper to build a house inside a city or a village because you share walls with neighbors and do have easier access to installations. The house in the countryside often has better views, outside sitting areas and more privacy, plus very rare and important in Italy: Parking possibilities. In this project we tried to combine the city house advantages with the country house qualities.
Options and assistance

Buyer can change the interior plan as long as the solutions are in accordance with Italian law and our local experts can assist buyer with all actual issues.

Project price


Present building, the site and the shared Area with the Chapel

The Area survey

Technical report

Geologist report

Permission for land improvements

All project material for unlimited use

Pre-approved Building Permission

Connection possibility to new Wastewater Septic tank.

Project Price 130.000€

Cost of demolition est.:                               22.000€

Renovation/reconstruction est.:              291.000€

Engineer and Architect assistance est.:    16.000€

Construction cost est.: 329.000€

Total cost: 459.000€

The estimated construction cost does not include outdoor terraces, stairs and the like. The estimation with regards to kitchen and bathroom facilities relates to Italian average standard.


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(Tu.2) Large three-storeyed House in Tuscany

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(Tu.2) Large three-storeyed House in Tuscany 44.067075, 11.387651 Rifredo, Firenze, Italien (Directions)

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