(Li.2) When the scaffolding goes down.

In many ways it is a big day when one can take down the scaffold. For the first time it is clear, if the house will be as expected. In this case it is. The client Federica is very happy for what appears. Well she should be for the stone-wall-builders made a great job.

I have been working on building sites in Denmark and Holland all my life, but after several projects in Italy I have made a new very interesting experience. At least the Italian people I have been working with do have the same attitude when working as you can find on an Italian restaurant. If you have very special wishes and politely explain what you would like, the Italian Chef will do his utmost to please you. The fact that you care about the result makes the work a challenge. Italians care about quality and the Chef as well as the construction workers loves the challenge. If they understand what you want, they will do their best to make you happy.

There is a lot in Italy strange and complicated, if not impossible. One will have to deal with that. It seems too hard for Italians to change history, but nothing in the world can change their engagement in quality when it comes to Olive oil, wine, food and fortunately…… constructions.

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