(Li.2) One more milestone

The 14. July we reached another milestone – and building projects in Italy has many. In principle, you can start building the day after you’ve got the permission — almost. After the permission Federica had to employ a “Technical Director”, who is responsible to the municipality for the construction site to be implemented after a pretty extensive Italian law and that rules governing the internal design are complied with and that the static calculations are correct and that the final house is in accordance with the permission.

But first and foremost, the house has to be designed so Federica gets the House she dreams about.  It is not always easy to explain what one likes. It is often easier to explain what you don’t like. Federica does not like Italian tile floors, but prefer concrete flooring. Nothing here with an Italian country kitchen, rather a rustic concrete kitchen table and in general Federica does not like windows at all, but if they must be there, it has to be the English “single or double hung windows”. But Federica has been really good to find pictures that she likes, and so I have taken it from there.

Back to the milestone. Now we have handed over a set of drawings for the engineer, so he can make his static calculations and another set of drawings for a craftsman, so he can make an offer and Federica has a lot of drawings and sketches that looks like her dream – almost. There was this issue about the Windows. One of the perhaps most common Windows in the world is for safety reasons forbidden to use in Italy. Back is only to hope that gravity is more or less the same as in the rest of the world.