(Li. 2) Now the village and the sea are there – just outside the windows.

In this area they have a saying about the price of a building plot: 50.000€ for a plot with a building permission and 50.000€ for a Sea view. And then one will add something related to the walking distance to the Sea.

The Sea view for both houses has played a key role for the designs. One thing is to make 3D-animations showing what we think it will be like when build, but without the scaffold it is time for the real test: Do one get the Sea view as expected? Yes we did.

Is the Sea view really so important? Yes it is. The big blue ocean, the big blue sky is something one will enjoy every day in Italy.

All big constructions are now done and it is time for all the stone surfaces on platforms, terraces and stairs outside and the last major task: To insert Windows and Doors, inside and outside. In Italy something you do at the end of the constructions.

Federica has been patient and one has to be when dealing with constructions in Italy. Instead of being dissatisfied one should enjoy skilled, hardworking and engaged workers, doing their very best to build a house, exactly as you want it.

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