(Li.2) Now with the final permission – the permission to dig down pipes for water and electricity

Bureaucracy in Italy is hard to understand for people like me from the North of Europe. It is complicated and different form all I have seen. All the complications must be related to the history of the Italian nation. Because all the people I have been dealing with are hardworking, skilled and nice people trying their very best to solve all kind of strange problems. They all make excuses for the complications and I am quite sure that even the people trying to make the whole legal system better, are skilled people who do it as well as possible.

The complications are not going away, but still I like to make constructions in Italy. I do love the cooperation with skilled, hardworking and fair craftsmen doing their very best to understand you and make solutions as you want theme – not taken as a problem, but a challenge.

B.Li.2.21.1. liguria-italy-project-sea view-constructions. B.Li.2.21.2. liguria-italy-project-problems-sea view. B.Li.2.21.3. sea view-italy-liguria-project-stair-garden. B.Li.2.21.4. ligurien-italy-house-for sale-project. B.Li.2.21.5. liguria-italy-house-for sale-project. B.Li.2.21.6. building-project-problems-liguria-italy-installations. B.Li.2.21.7. italy-ligiria-project-for sale-house-sea view.