(Li.2) Now the last blog about Federica’s building project – or should have been the last.

Now Federica have had her first night in the house. Furniture’s has been bought with big care and are now in place. Federica is happy and Eddy the dog realizes that this is going to be his home.

Federica has been deeply involved in every single detail of this house and made a lot of very personal choices and that is just the way it should be to everybody, who has the dream about “the house in Italy”.

This house on this plot, in this very charming little village, in this landscape of green valleys with olive trees all over is so much Italy – but that is also the fact that of some bureaucratic formalities there is still no water, gas or electricity in the house and the view-stealing pylon to be moved, is still there – so this will not be the final blog.

Fortunately Federica is Italian, so she is not that surprised, not very upset – happy about what she has now and patient and casual about what is still missing, and Eddy the dog he does not care at all.


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