(Li.2) After years of paper – some more paper

After years of paper, meetings and stamps it is about time for some constructions. The agreed plan is to start constructions at the beginning of September. Should be possible, but first we need a building site permission. No doubt that a very big Italian Commission did their very best, for a long time, to make a building site permission system, able to handle every possible issue, one could imagine happening at a construction site.

It is a fact that Italians don’t like rules and for a lot of issues they don’t need rules. So when they develop rules for a building site, they also need a special police force and a lot of people to be responsible for everything and heavy fines for every rules violation. On this building site Ingénue Angelo is responsible for no less than 5 different subjects.

After some more paper constructor Alexandro and his people can clear the ground, pull down the old ruin, make the building site fence and put up the important building site sign of some 3 m2.


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