( Li.1) Always nice to have a pleased client.

Building a house in Italy is not easy to anybody – not easy for Italians and even more difficult to foreigners. To most foreigners not least those from the North of Europe the house in Italy, is the dream about another kind of life for some weeks or more every year. The Italian weather, the food and first of all Italian people are worth all building complications. Even the house is no more than the frame for “Italian living” one should not underestimate the importance of getting a house that supports the kind of life you are looking for. The house in Italy should have proper installations, be easy to maintain, planed for a nice stay, but first of all the house should be marked by the client’s personal dreams and preferences – don’t trust the architect too much. You may have personal important ideas far from the architect’s imagination. Federica did just that and even Eddie the dog, seems pleased with the result.

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