(Li.2) Lessons about patience the Italian way


When buying property in Italy the Notary’s signature is crucial. When he writes below – the sale is final.The Notary will before the decisive meeting review all documents and drawings and there are many.Seller will always have an Italian caseworker in charge of the collection of documents and the process as so much else in Italy can take longer than planned.Federica bought the little house in Tovo Faraldi in July 2013. A conditional buy depending on that she got the necessary building permit.The meeting with the Notary in Diana Marina took place nine months later, but the nine months gave an interesting insight into the imagination and diversity that is part of the Italian housing law.

The meeting took a very long time and was a little longer because a document was missing a signature, which then had to be obtained.
But in the end it was there – the notary’s final signature.

So it was time for a glass of white wine and Federica and I could make a deal on cooperation on the final design, construction drawings and supervision of the construction.