(Ge.3) 3D animation – a project description

The architect’s customers never just want a House. They will have a special House. With theme they have opinions, ideas and wishes, which are important to them. That can be inspirations from houses they have visited or inspirations from advertisements, magazines, the Internet and television. It can be things they want, but also something they don’t want.

As an architect, one must have an analytical approach to the work, but that will not necessarily be the case for the clients. Clients may have pictures showing somethings they just like, but stylistically and functional what they bring in, may be with no consistency. As an Architect one must relate analytical, for at the end of the work, the client’s dreams and wishes have to end up as construction drawings, needed for making the right house. The process is a dialog and in the dialog the 3D animations are a really good and necessary tool.

Not least for the customer the use of 3D animation is a great opportunity to participate actively. One can download for free the program “SketchUp Viewer” making it possible for the client to join everything in the process. It is great fun and very useful.

The starting point for a project may be a plot of land or a major or minor modification, addition or renovation. Here is described a process which takes as its starting point in a building plot.


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