(Ge.2) 3D cooperation on the net.

3D cooperation on the net.

The 3D animation when building or renovating a house is an outstanding possibility for a close and valuable cooperation between everybody involved: Client, architect, engineer, constructors and authorities.

Not least when northern Europeans are dealing with the dream of “the house in Italy”. That dream is so much about Italian atmosphere as we sense it in villages, cities, in the easy going lifestyle, nice people, beautiful landscapes, the food and not least in the beautiful old houses.

The North European perception of a nice Italian house is not necessarily shared by Italians. The fact is that the house we as North Europeans are dreaming about, does not fit with Italian building regulation, Italian architects or building contractors. That does not mean that you cannot get the house you are dreaming about, but it means that one have to be very precise about what you want and the description has to be clear and accurately. Detailed drawings are needed and that is the strength of 3D animation drawings. Easy to be understood by clients as well as sometimes quite uncertain Italians.

“House-in- Italy” is making solutions in a very close cooperation with clients using a drawing program named SketchUp pro. The close cooperation with client is only possible because the client can make a free download of a program named SketchUp Viewer. This blog is an introduction about how to work with SketchUp Viewer.

The whole point being that all our drawings are made as 3D files named SketchUp files; send by Email, the client can join the process after downloading the SketchUp Viewer and make proposals, wishes and solutions.

In case you want this blog as a PDF file in Danish or English contact us by phone or  E-mail.

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