(Ge.1) The benefits of 3D animation

The benefits of 3D animation

“House-in-Italy” is working with a 3D animation drawing program named SketchUp pro. It is an amazing possibility for a close and strong cooperation with the client. Our clients are people from North of Europe dreaming of having a house in Italy. Not the kind of House they already have, but a House with Italian atmosphere and charm.

Client’s perception of “Italian atmosphere and charm” is something very personal and as an architect it is your primary assignment to understand that dream and make it possible in relation to Italian Building regulations, Italian constructors, economy spending and a lot more. But because the clients dream is something personal and very often something very emotional, the first decisive mission to the architect is to develop the project together with the client and for that purpose the SketchUp pro is the perfect tool. The client can make a free download of the program SketchUp Viewer making it possible to walk around inside the 3D model, look at the house from the outside from any wanted perspective, add relevant shadows, try different colors and also see the house fully furnished.

The exchange of client ideas and wishes and the architect’s proposals is possible regardless of distance because the 3D SketchUp files will be send as Emails. The cooperation has to be close and intensive – technology makes it possible.

The blog here shows an example of one of our Tuscany houses – not I 3D here – just to show the possibilities.

In case you want this Blog as a PDF in English or Danish contact us on E-mail.

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