(Li.2) All the brick walls now done

The strength of the construction depends only on the Concrete Pillars and Decks. Of that reason all the brick walls are quite simple and made very fast. It is a kind of construction not seen very often in the North of Europe.

In Italy this kind of construction works fine making the house very flexible, whish in this case are very useful because my client does have and does get a lot of new and unexpected ideas. Federica has very special ideas and that is not a problem to me the Architect – I just have to make sure that the consequences are clear to my client and that the constructor Alexandro and Italian supervisor Angelo do understand and accept the changes.

Angelo is an ingénue and according to Italian Law about building sites, he is needed as one responsible for Reinforcement design, Work supervisor, Overall design supervisor, Concrete quality and building site Security – all functions named on the huge building sign.



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