Welcome to House In Italy

Do you plan to buy a house in Italy?   DON’T DO IT

• Unless you are prepared for a country with a completely confusing, complicated, extensive and time-consuming building legislation.

• prepared to accept trivial disagreements, which requires a Court decision, that will go on for years

• prepared to accept that local law interpretation or other interests that can create problems


Together with our local partners we can help foreigners with projects in Liguria and Tuscany, where renovation, redesign or new constructions are needed. This is the case with most of old and historic Italian houses. Even small changes need permission through applications.

Everything in Italy is complicated, strange and possible. “House in Italy” can assist with all parts of a process:
Search for the right house – buy at the right price – Project material for renovation, redesign or a new house – application material – actual construction drawings – static calculations – tender material – tender bid evaluation – construction monitoring.

For questions please contact us, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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